My Life with Aspergers and M.E. as a Husband and Father

Mark Kent

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chat.wednesday 25th october.017

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how many have

asperger syndrome and bladder /bowel problems


chat.wednesday 25th october.017

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how many have

asperger syndrome and allergeris ,asthma.hayfever.migraines


chat wednesday 25th october.017

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how many people have 

asperger syndrome and sexaully abused


chat.wednesday 25th october.017

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how many people have

asperger syndromd and m.e./chronic fatique 


chat.tuesday 10th october.017

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my book is being down-loaded  a lot more

if any body is having trouble with down -loading e.mail me//contact  me 


about myself.tuesday 3ed september 017

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I,am Atractive.very good looking .very CUTE .really sexy MOST TIMES .very understang.very helpful.WAIT A SECOND HAVE I MISSED ANYTHING

i,am disabled .aspergers .m.e. carpol tunnel syndrome.migraines .alergies ,asthma.hayfever .arthritus ,long list health issues .bladder and 

bowel problems.

i can not work .BUT take part in a lot research any thing too do with disabilities ..allergies like for Asthma uk I AM A RESEARCH AND POLICY HOLDER. what ever research  there is IF MY LIFE IS EFFECTED then i will take part .any subject,sexuality .puberty .Abuse/bullying 

i am very open minded .NO FRIENDS ,people are that nasty/horrible 

married 17 years .been togerther for 20 years .HOW IS THAT FOR HAVING ASPERGERS ,we have 3 boys and one girl

before i met my wife,I LIVED in a home for disabled adults .very very few people NEVER did think that I WOULD HAVE a girl friend/married 

a family of MY OWN  .i have PROVED ALL THESE VERY VERY ,,WRONG.this is how good i am 

my iq is 135 .lot more than MOST PEOPLES

I AM Amazing very beautiful.. i do not smoke or drink .

i was dignosed with aspergers in 1991 .m.e./chronic fitique i was dignosed with 9 years ago .THIS IS GETTING LOT WORSOR

have i missed any thing/what have i missed                                     

my blog is VERY VERY INTERNATIONAL... Australia.France,,Canada,Switzerland,America , too name a few .THIS IS HOW VERY GOOD I AM


FRANCESCA,tuesday 26th septem.017

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WHO IS ,.SHE.well .a very new friend .works in a local shop here ware i live . a work mate of francesca WHO WE HAVE A GREAT DEAL FUN

OVER, got us talking because we have  wait for it OOH,YES CHRISTMAS IN COMMON .she wears christmas SOCKS VERY VERY OFTEN

not as much as i do .BUT NEARLY .we have a really good laugh .she is very funny LIKE ME .cute .I AM GOING TO MAKE YOU BLUSH

Francesca..i have said to her i so wish i had a sister like her .CHRISTMAS HEAVEN. i am not the only one who wears christmas things 12 MONTHS

OF THE YEAR.thanks so much Francesca .YOU CAN TAKE THE BLAME AS WELL.i can see her laughing .well she has a very good smile and

laugh .we all so have in common is a relative of francesca allso has Autism/Aspergers in that family .find francesca very funny .NOT AS FUNNY 

AS I AM .she is very young  really PRETTY .i did say Francesca i was going to make you BLUSH...she does NOT have a clue that i am writting

this about HER ..well until Francesca reads this .SHE IS A ANGEL.,i do love too see HER christmas SOCKS .we take turns ,.i wonder if 

Francesca would like her christmas card sweet,very cheerful Francesca is .HAVE I MISSED ANY THING OUT .what will she think

what will she say what i have wriitten about the WONDERFUL soon will she read this ,

                   Mark,A FRIEND

LYNNE/COLIN saturday 23rd septem 017

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HELLO Lynne ,.HELLO Colin


   Jason,Lewis,Alfie ,Isabella Rose


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yes have done a review .doing another one .

Tracy is a Author of different books .TRACY WAS ABUSED HERSELF .so with this book she has been there .people understand people help

but because Tracy was abused SHE SEES THE EVERY DAY EFFECTS .the book is a BIBLE for people who have been abused .I WILL SAY 

IS  I AM IN THIS BOOK .this i did NOT say before ,.ALL ARE VERY VERY TRUE STORIES .i think that i an the only disabled person in  this 


this book has very helpful information in like websites .i got a copy .AFTER TRACY offered me a signed copy .OHH .she will be reading this

Come Tracy ,Come on Tracy ,WE WANT MORE about this subject ..,i take my copy all over like two weeks ago i see a old friend .rare too

see him these days ..i sat there thinking .should i show John this book that i am IN .what would he say .should i THEN BIG YES,.

gave JOHN the book .showed john pages i was in .reading through it .NERVOUS I WAS .john handed the book back and said too me

that must took a lot COURAGE .ooh it did .but i said main thing here is  PEOPLE UNDERSTANDING AWARENESS ..THE EVERYDAY 

EFFECTS .how very very very PAINFUL IT ALL IS.,


urine.poo problems.monday 18th septem 017

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i have BOTH  bladder and bowel problems .autism/aspergers and m.e .very common .so i have them for different problems 

i think that with Autism/Aspergers the urine /Shitty problems there is a very very STRONG LINK .lot more research needs to be done

i have too wear ADULT Nappies .i am NOT ashamed either .SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU, with Aspergers alone .i wet/shit myself EVERY DAY 

often at the same time .there is PAIN /bloated tummy .the nappies i wear very very often FLOODED some times down my legs .PEOPLE MAKE

THESE SORT OF PROBLEMS A MILLION TIMES WORSOR,i have nappy rashs front and back very very often.i have suppositorues or enemas 

some times .the Poo is so very very Runny .i do feel SO MUCH BETTER when the Accidents are out of the way.does take a lot my energy AWAY 

EVERY BODY has urine /Shit come out of them. HAVE CONTROL,for people like myself and OTHERS .it happens DIFFERENT .and we are NOT 

too BLAME FOR THIS or made to feel ashamed/DIRTY ,i do get very very very UPSET /EMOTIONAL AT MOST TIMES.People Again make me

feel this way Never being ASKED OUT/no friends .making me feel very very often .I AM TOO BLAME.and again MOST PEOPLE do NOT see

the EVERY DAY is bad enough cpoing/dealing with bladder/bowel problems 7 DAYS A WEEK.mornings.afternoons.evenings 

FLOODED NAPPIES.if ANY BODY .any body had a accident at any time bladder/bowels  HOW DID YOU FEEL /what did you do .how did you

cope /deal with it ...