My Life with Aspergers and M.E. as a Husband and Father

Mark Kent

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yes have done a review .doing another one .

Tracy is a Author of different books .TRACY WAS ABUSED HERSELF .so with this book she has been there .people understand people help

but because Tracy was abused SHE SEES THE EVERY DAY EFFECTS .the book is a BIBLE for people who have been abused .I WILL SAY 

IS  I AM IN THIS BOOK .this i did NOT say before ,.ALL ARE VERY VERY TRUE STORIES .i think that i an the only disabled person in  this 


this book has very helpful information in like websites .i got a copy .AFTER TRACY offered me a signed copy .OHH .she will be reading this

Come Tracy ,Come on Tracy ,WE WANT MORE about this subject ..,i take my copy all over like two weeks ago i see a old friend .rare too

see him these days ..i sat there thinking .should i show John this book that i am IN .what would he say .should i THEN BIG YES,.

gave JOHN the book .showed john pages i was in .reading through it .NERVOUS I WAS .john handed the book back and said too me

that must took a lot COURAGE .ooh it did .but i said main thing here is  PEOPLE UNDERSTANDING AWARENESS ..THE EVERYDAY 

EFFECTS .how very very very PAINFUL IT ALL IS.,


urine.poo problems.monday 18th septem 017

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i have BOTH  bladder and bowel problems .autism/aspergers and m.e .very common .so i have them for different problems 

i think that with Autism/Aspergers the urine /Shitty problems there is a very very STRONG LINK .lot more research needs to be done

i have too wear ADULT Nappies .i am NOT ashamed either .SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU, with Aspergers alone .i wet/shit myself EVERY DAY 

often at the same time .there is PAIN /bloated tummy .the nappies i wear very very often FLOODED some times down my legs .PEOPLE MAKE

THESE SORT OF PROBLEMS A MILLION TIMES WORSOR,i have nappy rashs front and back very very often.i have suppositorues or enemas 

some times .the Poo is so very very Runny .i do feel SO MUCH BETTER when the Accidents are out of the way.does take a lot my energy AWAY 

EVERY BODY has urine /Shit come out of them. HAVE CONTROL,for people like myself and OTHERS .it happens DIFFERENT .and we are NOT 

too BLAME FOR THIS or made to feel ashamed/DIRTY ,i do get very very very UPSET /EMOTIONAL AT MOST TIMES.People Again make me

feel this way Never being ASKED OUT/no friends .making me feel very very often .I AM TOO BLAME.and again MOST PEOPLE do NOT see

the EVERY DAY is bad enough cpoing/dealing with bladder/bowel problems 7 DAYS A WEEK.mornings.afternoons.evenings 

FLOODED NAPPIES.if ANY BODY .any body had a accident at any time bladder/bowels  HOW DID YOU FEEL /what did you do .how did you

cope /deal with it ...


my wife,Tabitha.wenesday 13th september.017

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we have been married 17 years. together 20 years . VERY VERY FEW PEOPLE GAVE US 6 MONTHS TOO LAST .Tabitha has a great 

deal too stick up with .VERY VERY HORRIBLE NASTY PARENTS ,Tabitha is very very NORMAL .more than MOST .very ATRACTIVE

very BEAUTIFUL  when people meet Tabitha they have said too her,HOW COULD YOU MARRY A PERSON LIKE THAT

HOW COULD YOU HAVE CHILDREN WITH A PERSON LIKE THAT ,.and this is Normal people who have said this .TAbitha does NOT 

have any Friends .do mean ANY  talked about .disrespected treated like Shit .i am very very Lucky to have Tabitha/our children .Tabitha puts

up with a great deal from people who use us then drop us like a bomb .when they got what they are after .if MOST PEOPLE had there way 

they WOULD split us up .BELIEVE ME THEY HAVE TRYED l;ike Tabithas Parents OUTLAWS  have split us up 9 times .these days we have

NOTHING to do with them.very very very GOOD.this is,UPSETS ME great great deal how Normal people TREAT Tabitha .so i AN Disabled

list health issues IS THIS A CRIME WARE NORMAL PEOPLE ARE .my wife Tabitha is a hundred times more Normal than MOST ARE

this treatment all so EFFECTS our children they see it for THEM, SELFS .how ASHAMED ,DISGUSTED NORMAL PEOPLE SHOULD



chat,saturday 9th september. 017

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this monday i have got a hospital visit .back home same told what is going too happen NEXT.

have a feeling i am NOT going to be pleased about this appointment

on wednesday 20th september i have a HOME visit PIP  .because i can NOT work on Benifits ..NOT MY FAULT .

 we are busy getting doctors.nurses,speacialists letters for support .i think that in time the goverment will find out THEY ARE

AGAINST THE LAW .one of my biggest problems is  PIP who ever is doing the home visit .they NEVER SEE THE EVERY DAY EFFECTS

OF ASPERGERS/AUTIUSM  AND M.E . so it is going to be big big STRUGGLE .in all honesty  i can NOT see my self working

i would give myself HALF A DAY before  i was fast a sleep with m.e .or they tthey sent me home. we will see ,NOT worried about it

this will happen when the appointment is say two days away .


Autism/Aspergers.wednesday 6th septem 017

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Autism come BEFORE Aspergers .what i think ,.i think it can be traced back too one hundred years ago .FIRST WORLD WAR 

until this NO OIL.GAS,TELEVISION,SPACE ingridiants ,toxics,satilights ,ozone,.fires.,sensativites,ALLERGIES.

normal people,sex education .War ,sexual abuse,list goes on HIGH LIST .so far i have heard of a granfather age 85  being dianosed with

Aspergers .REST HIS FAMILY WAS ... 

IN THE WORLD OF RESEARCH  i am very very RESPECTED  by researchers .i am well up there .lot lot research i have do take part in

it is not just Autism./aspergers LOT OTHER RESEARCH I TAKE PART IN .


one thing i very very much DISLIKE these days is Internet research  .you do not get to meet/chat with the researchers IN PERSON 

a great great DISAVANTAGE .i used to go too universities ALL OVER .meet researchers take part in there research .very very RARE 

it happens these days


chat.sunday 3rd september .017

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Hello, FRANCESSCA ..  who is SHE ware is SHE .what does SHE do 

like myself Francessca loves christmas .about 111 days too go 

will Franessca reply .have i spelt her name correct 


christmas.monday 14 th August.017

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ooh, is coming .CHRISTMAS.some shops are starting too stack shelfs with christmas things 

ONEHUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE DAYS TOO GO..ooh wow .my favourite time .christmas should be TWICE A YEAR

so UN fair MULIED WINE.SACSUMAS .BUCKS FIZZ.Decorations .it is un like any other day,week,time 

monday 21 August we are AWAY sea side our one holiday a year for one week .come home monday 28th August 

so look forward to this each year. Lewis our 14 year old is going on stage Dance Competition doing Micheal Jackson 

this Lewis is really good at 


book reviews.thursday 3rd august 017

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today i am doing two book reviews .ANY BODY who is effected THESE ARE THE HOILY GRAILS WORSHIPED

Author,Maria mann Verity Writes Again  THIS IS HER SECOND BOOK 

very well written very interesting about M.E  .very rare ,for me as a person with m.e. FIRST BOOK IS THE VERY BEST 

both books are lot lot pages and done diffrent from other books .well done Maria 


very very very well done .so interesting  very very very RARE REAL PEOPLE TALKING GREAT DEAL REALLY HAPPENED TOO THEM 

Amazing .very well written . in there ithas some very helpful contact details too get help 

both books you can buy from Amazon 


chat .wednesday 2nd august 017

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my book is being loaded down more often .ooh wow ,very very well done me ..lot trouble trying too get my second book on my blog

as i speak people are reading my book .HOW GOOD IS THAT.i really would like write another book and do interviews  .I am in just too

much pain with my m.e /arthritis and carpol tunnel .slightest knock pain shoots up ,


how common are aspergers ...M.E. irritable bowel syndrome ,migraines.hayfever.asthma .very very common  bladder/bowels

who else do these happen what helps them.what does not  when i talk about these things ask about them ONE THING IS  I HAVE ALL 

THESE PROBLEMS so snotty so shitty ,vomiting often .how do other people cope deal with these .AM I THE ONLY ONE .

UNlike MOST at least i have the b...s too talk about them .people are most UN kind too ME at most times .SAYS HOW VERY VERY SAD 



chat,friday 28th July 017

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Questions /ANSWERS any replies

  Asperger Syndrome and Asexual

there are long list like B-sexual Gender=fluid ,Grey-sexual ,Queer,Gay,Lesbian,Fetishs,AND THERE are more Same-SEX.,

Inter-Sex,Cross-Dressing ,Trans-Sexual list goes on BUT having Aspergers .HOW do you cope .understand .find out you are

one of these .bullying goes a long long way. any of these.

had very good replys .WHAT i will say is any replies i do have .stays between me and them .and i like too understand .be aware