My Life with Aspergers and M.E. as a Husband and Father

Mark Kent

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christmas,017,saturday 23rd.december.017

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mullied wine and sacsumas very very very wonderful

  HAPPY CHRISTMAS  TOO ONE AND ALL .., BUT NOT THE OUT LAWS ,meaning in-laws  .hope theres is VERY VERY SH....


SANDRA.tuesday 5th December .017

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THERE IS NO ESCAPE ,admit it YOU are enpressed .Sandra works with FRANCESSCA  .have too thank sandra because she intruduced 

Fracessca TOO ME .we have a very good laugh between us ,.sandra is the cute one Francessca is CUTE--NESS .i can see you both 

laughing .ooh am i in for trouble .NO swearing ,Sandra is only too aware i anm so very very cheeky,THATS ME. here i go ...

OLDER THAN I AM .not as funny as i am .THREE LETTERS I SAY TOO Sandra .ELF,ELF ,ELF have too watch it ,NOT DONE THIS YET.

did i just see a pig flying by .,ELF .ELF,ELF,ELF,ELF,ELF.have i forgotten any thing .Sandra HAS TOO BE OLDER THAN I AM because she

remembers MRS WRIGHT .what a very very very good neighbour she house away from us she lived ,Sandra talking about MRS 

WRIGHT .this is not say 3 or 5 years ago  NO NO NO .what this is  LONG LONG AGO AND LONGER ..come SANDRA admit it .BE HONEST

HERE .it is a LOT LONGER AGO .BOTH Sandra and Francessca had there CHRISTMAS CARDS from me YES ME best/cheeky  WEEKS 

AGO..YOU will have too have it FRAMED .wiil not have any card from ANY BODY like that .and just think it will all ways be there remind YOU

of ELF.ELF,ELF,ELF,ELF,ELF,ELF,ELF,ELF,ELF,ELF. AND  that very very cheeky person BEING ME.who else would do this ME THATS WHO

NO Escape from me Sandra .ooh Francessca is going to have such a laugh And I AM .here is to THE MUCH OLDER ONE .how LUCKY am i

NOT standing next too you .i can see that smile on your face .really YOU are IMPRESSED stunned .lost for words .THAT IS RARE WITH YOU


chat,wednesday 15 th november.017

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this computer crashed two weeks ago .it is back too up and going

i did see i had some people replying, these got deleted so any body who did .CAN THE REPLY BACK TO ME


there has been programmes of late abiut Autism/Aspergers ,,these do NOT go deep enough ,REALLITY IS NOT THERE .like say melt downs

there was a very very good one on A is for Autism about WONDERING .when i say deep enough there are Actors/actress .s who have Autism /

Aspergers WHY ARE THESE NOT USED ..WELL WHY IS DISABILITY ..RARE ,..ON TV ,FULL STOP.we are NOT that ugly and from a E.T .

Planet ,if Actors /Actress was used like say for a is for Autism VERY REALISTIC see REALLY every day life .a lot lot DIFFERENCE ,

FILMS been coming up about Aspergers like ADAM this is from America about 3 three years ago .it was ok .HOW EVER  BEING FROM AMERICA

i DISAPPROVED VERY VERY STONGLY because too me a person with Aspergers .this film was TRYING TO PROVE people with Aspergers 

are UN-Capleble of love .marriage .YET I HAVE BEEN MARRIED 17 YEARS  ,how wrong are they 


chat.wednesday 25th october.017

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how many have

asperger syndrome and bladder /bowel problems


chat.wednesday 25th october.017

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how many have

asperger syndrome and allergeris ,asthma.hayfever.migraines


chat wednesday 25th october.017

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how many people have 

asperger syndrome and sexaully abused


chat.wednesday 25th october.017

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how many people have

asperger syndromd and m.e./chronic fatique 


chat.tuesday 10th october.017

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my book is being down-loaded  a lot more

if any body is having trouble with down -loading e.mail me//contact  me 


about myself.tuesday 3ed september 017

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I,am Atractive.very good looking .very CUTE .really sexy MOST TIMES .very understang.very helpful.WAIT A SECOND HAVE I MISSED ANYTHING

i,am disabled .aspergers .m.e. carpol tunnel syndrome.migraines .alergies ,asthma.hayfever .arthritus ,long list health issues .bladder and 

bowel problems.

i can not work .BUT take part in a lot research any thing too do with disabilities ..allergies like for Asthma uk I AM A RESEARCH AND POLICY HOLDER. what ever research  there is IF MY LIFE IS EFFECTED then i will take part .any subject,sexuality .puberty .Abuse/bullying 

i am very open minded .NO FRIENDS ,people are that nasty/horrible 

married 17 years .been togerther for 20 years .HOW IS THAT FOR HAVING ASPERGERS ,we have 3 boys and one girl

before i met my wife,I LIVED in a home for disabled adults .very very few people NEVER did think that I WOULD HAVE a girl friend/married 

a family of MY OWN  .i have PROVED ALL THESE VERY VERY ,,WRONG.this is how good i am 

my iq is 135 .lot more than MOST PEOPLES

I AM Amazing very beautiful.. i do not smoke or drink .

i was dignosed with aspergers in 1991 .m.e./chronic fitique i was dignosed with 9 years ago .THIS IS GETTING LOT WORSOR

have i missed any thing/what have i missed                                     

my blog is VERY VERY INTERNATIONAL... Australia.France,,Canada,Switzerland,America , too name a few .THIS IS HOW VERY GOOD I AM


FRANCESCA,tuesday 26th septem.017

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WHO IS ,.SHE.well .a very new friend .works in a local shop here ware i live . a work mate of francesca WHO WE HAVE A GREAT DEAL FUN

OVER, got us talking because we have  wait for it OOH,YES CHRISTMAS IN COMMON .she wears christmas SOCKS VERY VERY OFTEN

not as much as i do .BUT NEARLY .we have a really good laugh .she is very funny LIKE ME .cute .I AM GOING TO MAKE YOU BLUSH

Francesca..i have said to her i so wish i had a sister like her .CHRISTMAS HEAVEN. i am not the only one who wears christmas things 12 MONTHS

OF THE YEAR.thanks so much Francesca .YOU CAN TAKE THE BLAME AS WELL.i can see her laughing .well she has a very good smile and

laugh .we all so have in common is a relative of francesca allso has Autism/Aspergers in that family .find francesca very funny .NOT AS FUNNY 

AS I AM .she is very young  really PRETTY .i did say Francesca i was going to make you BLUSH...she does NOT have a clue that i am writting

this about HER ..well until Francesca reads this .SHE IS A ANGEL.,i do love too see HER christmas SOCKS .we take turns ,.i wonder if 

Francesca would like her christmas card sweet,very cheerful Francesca is .HAVE I MISSED ANY THING OUT .what will she think

what will she say what i have wriitten about the WONDERFUL soon will she read this ,

                   Mark,A FRIEND