My Life with Aspergers and M.E. as a Husband and Father

Mark Kent

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Eating disorders,friday 21st April 017

Posted on April 21, 2017 at 4:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Bulimea,Anorexic ALL very very common with Abuse/Bullying Aspergers/Autism and more EVERY DAY EFFECTS

Vomiting ,Throwing up ,,,MOST DAYS AND 6 TIMES A DAY MORE THAN,when i  did this I SEE Sick...vomit i felt so so much better.LIKE A 

NEW PERSON .it got like it WAS ENJOYABLE .took away all the hurt/pain  .these days i do NOT make myself sick .DO NOT HAVE TOO .

because i have m.e,. my chest is blocked often Anxiety /Panic attacts .so i Vomit any way .very very bad migrains so i vomit any way .IT DOES

HELP graet deal too vomit with these health problems.

i do NOT think Parents do enough  Bulimea/Anorecic is HATING/UGLY BODY ..NUDITY.//NAKED would HELP .seeing how the other persons

body looks size.shape .health.body awareness .what you do like what you do not like ..PARENTS YOU WANT TOO HELP YOUR CHILDREN

Diets are so very very Bad .you are YOU,.what do people think say there views when i have said NUDITY/NAKED ..Parents never really think 

what was it like for them as a child .how did they cope .Nudity is all so dealing with SEX. another big part of Anorexic/Bulimea..

ONE THING helps me great deal HAVE A VERY GOOD CRY .. but then helps EVEN MORE THROWING UP /VOMITING .as i said because

i have m.e. i  vomit ANY WAY .do NOT make myself sick on purpose .have NOT for a while YEARS


Adults.Meltdowns. monday 3rd April 017

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Any body has a disagreement .arguement it is fine WAIT WAIT .Autism /Asperger it is Meltdowns YET they are the same

i think that Adult Meltdowns should be under say ..../self-harm/  we are UN -AWARE it has happened until the melt down is 

FINISHED/OVER .in that time we would pulled our hair our ,bitten/scratched our selfs..not just a little .A LOT.slapped our face

go for our selfs what ever way we can .i have said a few BUT there are MORE ways,just very very UN-AWARE until the meltdown

has STOPED .and ADULT Meltdowns can last SOME TIME .there is DAMAGE done too OUR BODIES in that space time .in some 

cases having too see a nurse or doctor .YET MOST PEOPLE DO NOT SEE THIS ,..they should talk about it lot lot more if it is omly too

HELP OTHERS WITH AUTISM/ASPERGERS.what do they do ///how do they cope /what helps/what does not help.. NO Research has

been done .YET IT IS SO EVERY DAY EFFECTING ..arms are scratched /bitten ..Why does Meltdowns happen,How do Meltdowns happen 

What can be done too help .


News.tuesday 7th march .017

Posted on March 7, 2017 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (0)

NEW HOUSE,NEW HOME. been here for one month HEAVEN ..well away from THE OUTLAWS.

Thet called Social serves on US  ,because WE left her house ware they didd NO REPAIRS.

what  BITCHY BAS.... to do that too her own family .this time we are keeping away and staying away.if it comes too going

to court THAT IS WHAT WE WILL DO ..this house is bigger/better..children have there own bedrooms .WARE AS IN THE OLD HOUSE

THEY DID NOT,,.our garden is is all Enclosed fence..

the OUTLAWS are selling the house we lived in .THEY OWNED IT,no for sale .it is done on line only .we are sad means what we left

behind we will not see any more ..HOW EVER THIS DOES MEAN THE OUT LAWS ARE AGAINST THE..LAW..

only a few people have our new address ..telephone number..

                         mark..we are a lot lot more happy moving too this house

chat,sunday 5th feb 017

Posted on February 5, 2017 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)

have not been around. 

my wife tabitha is il .hospital tests this tuesday

i am waiting for a hospital appoiuntment 

been taking part in research ,and i have had a few e.mails from people asking for help with health issues .so i have been talking 

to these advice ..

our youngeat Alfie will be two years old few weeks time


happy new year. friday 6th janu 017

Posted on January 6, 2017 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

LATE ,happy new year to one and all .i have hospital this TUESDAY ..Peterborough .

New Year WISH list

1,words like ,Emphany and Normal BANNED ..WHO is Normal them or ME.Emphany used by normal people AGAINST Autism./Aspergers

2,to be Nude/Naked a lot lot more .HOW I understand/aware of my body/differences 

3,sexual abuse/bullying 

4,sex research /sex education .take part 

5,bladder/bowel problems.Wearing Adult pull-ups IBS Problems

6,Allergies .Hayfever.Asthma,Migraines 

7,Sensory Problems

8,M.E.Chronic fatique

ALL thes will be talked about a lot lot more on THIS BLOG 

                          Mark .JANU 017

christmas .monday 26th December .016

Posted on December 26, 2016 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Hold on tight to your dreams

   Happy Christmas to Each and Every Body     I,am showing so much Emphany LATELY

            Mark,Tabitha,Jason,Lewis,Isabella-Rose and Alfie

Neiughbours from HELL friday 9th dec 016

Posted on December 9, 2016 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

well aware i spelt it wrong 

NEXT DOOR TOO US end house very very HORRIBLE/NASTY TOO ..US,.called my wife a bitch BY THEIR CHILDREN we very very

often get THEIR TOYS thrown in OUR GARDEN .very often their dog and children are in OUR GARDEN WITH OUT ASKING US.,

we have called the POLICE AND HOUSEING ASSO.. meeting have happened very little is done.. will be a meeting very soon .Banging on

doors very very often .they have giant dog very very often UP AGAINST OUR GATE is RARE wee go out in our back garden TOYS THROWN

OVER .WOOD ,BRICKS ,path blocked very often so we can not walk around...Swearing BY THE CHILDREN.parents very rarely tell them .

UNLESS IT EFFECTS THEM .,then THEY swear AT THEIR OWN CHILDREN.our children are very very EFFECTED by all this .,THE COUNCIL 

really done F... all. given them a FREE TIP .rubbish they have PILED UP IN THEIR Garden ..WARE IS OUR FREE TIP TO PUT THE GRAP 

THEY PUT IN OUR GARDEN,they all so TAKE TOYS FROM OUR GARDEN.. with out asking .tell PEOPLE Lies about US .they call ME Shit

we would very very very much like to MOVE .we are on a WAITING LIST 


aspergers and M.E.chronic fatique.9/12/016

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past few years heard a lot about Aspergers AND people being diagnosd with M.E. this i have ..have a lot in common Aspergers and m.e.

1,Aspergers...,,Pain aNY WARE.dizzy any time.Vomiting any time .bladder/bowel problems .problems Speaking /Talking

Tempiture very very often,Allergies..Hayfever/Asthma/Migraines very very effected.IBS very effected very MESSY .Balance

2,M.e./chronic fatique .Pain any ware.dizzy any time.Vomiting any time.bladder/bowel problems .problems Speaking/Talking

TEMPITURE change .hot/cold .very very often.Allergies.Hayfever/Asthma/Migrains very very effected .IBS very effected very MESSY .Balance

between the 2 problems GREAT DEAL IN COMMON .these are just a FEW i have written .THESE ARE MOST COMMON BETWEEN 



Neuro-tipical.friday 2nd december 016

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Neuro,tipical SO CALLED ..NORMAL PEOPLE the word should be BANNED .,Neuro tipicals NEVER SEE what people with Autiusm/Aspergers

SEE.Never do, what we SEE when we see it .then it is MELTDOWNS.,OVERWELMED,ANXIETY,having said this these are OUR WAYS OF 

COPING /DEALING WITH what we see ..people with Autism/Aspergers are a lot lot more HONEST than MOST PEOPLE ARE..very very often 

Causing US GREAT DEAL TROUBLE.,in a way this is why Autism/Aspergers  are seen by NORMAL as DIFFERENT well very very DIFFERENT

what we see/when we see is very very often SCAREY /Freightening ..NORMAL DO NOT HAVE ANY OF THIS,one thing here is i am so very HAPPY

so very very PLEASED i am ...NOT..Normal .would be Ashamed and Disgusted.allways ALLWAYS making very very bad JUDGEMENTS.things too

use AGAINST ...US,Autism/Aspergers.THEY are ALLOWED to say what they want to when they want too .,

NOT ,one person NOT ONE has said Happy Christmas TOO ME yet...ooh, YES i have said happy christmas TOO PEOPLE .NOT A FRIEND 

well very bad mistake i do NOT have one friend,NOT one


regretting having Aspergers..wedne30thnovem016

Posted on November 30, 2016 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)

few things about having aspergers I REGRET VERY VERY MUCH

1,Lonelyness,, i, have my own family BUT as i am getting OLDER .the more i am feeling a VERY DIFFERENT LONELY ..Anxiety lot lot more

2,Friends ..NOT ,having one friend ..I DO MEAN ONE FRIEND.,few weeks ago i was in hospital .I MADE A FRIEND FOR A FEW DAYS.,before

i left i gave Her my e.mail .,She said too me YES,I WOULD LIKE TOO KEEP IN CONTACT .,been SO looking FORWARD too it .THAT IT HAS

GIVEN ME...MELT DOWNS,.not even a happy christmas ..or card ,i, gave her one.I WOULD MUch  RATHER ..PEOPLE ,be honest with me 

and say ..NO THEY DONT WANT TOO,.in janu NEXT YEAR 10TH i got a hospital appointment BECAUSE OF MY STAY .i, am finding it very

very DIFFICULT too keep.NO, FRIEND TOO GO WITH ..on my complete OWN.,.having Aspergers SO CALLED NORMAL PEOPLE HAVE

MADE ME A COMPLETE ...OUTCAST,, FRIENDS.FRIENDSHIP[ is very very difficult ..,EVERY BODY HAS FRIENDS .,normal people  should

be a lot lot more AWARENESS how Aspergers and friends is very very Difficult .,since coming OUT of Hospital Meltdowns ..Anxiety been doing

a lot DAMAGE TOO ME,.i do try NOT to take any notice some times does NO good.,i do so WISH the Nurse had been HONEST WITH ME ..would

saved me a lot upsets..Anxiety..Meltdowns..NOT. even a Happy Christmas..,