My Life with Aspergers and M.E. as a Husband and Father

Mark Kent

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autism/schizophrenia.friday 19th may 017

Posted on May 19, 2017 at 8:05 AM

BOTH ,very sadly are VERY VERY common with AUTISM AND Aspergers .VERY COMMON ever and a very very big but here

is that with AUTISM AND aspergers .WE DO TALK TOO OUR SELFS VERY VERY VERY OFTEN .,one issue why we talk to our selfs is

we feel a very very DIFFERENT KIND OF A LONE -NESS .,so by talking to OUR SELFS .we keep this A LONE-NESS  at a very far 

DISTANCE as we can .not only that but talking too ourselfs for US with Autism/Aspergers it is COMPANY ..our OWN COMPANY 

talking to our selfs keeps us going Healthy mind . I THINK every body TALKS TOO THEM SELFS VERY VERY OFTEN .just because it 

is Autism/Asperger AND Schizophrenia  it does NOT MEAN THIS IS THE CASE /Diagnosis .i TALK TO MYSELF VERY VERY OFTEN ...

it is COMPANY ,NOT BEING ALONE . Fear/AFraid/ Alone-Ness..AND one very big thing I HAVE FOUND it HELPS ME A GREAT great deal 

Too talk to MYSELF..what harm are we doing .NOTHING TO ANY BODY ELSE .we are just  BEING OUR SELFS .talking to myself all so 

keeps me on TRACT to what how ware I AM DOING NEXT .


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