My Life with Aspergers and M.E. as a Husband and Father

Mark Kent

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Aspergers,regret.monday 17th july .017

Posted on July 17, 2017 at 5:15 AM

Regret ,about Aspergers .one thing is it is very very very INMOTIONAL may spelt it wrong..

i can get so upset/panic/anxiety over the SLIGHTEST thing .i can sit cry NOT be aware why/how this has happened .if i see another person

cry in person or on television I WILL CRY  because it is Aspergers it will last me a WHOLE DAY in such a bad STATE .so very very MOTIOINS

i have to be care ful as well because OTHE health issues like Migraines i all ways am Vomiting .hayfever .so Snotty /draining and bladder/

bowel problems i will wet/shit myself SAME TIME ..these all happen while Crying .mind you what i have found is  IT DOES HELP GRET DEAL 

 TOO CRY/SNOTTY NOSE . for me AFTER i FEEL SO SO MUCH better.IF I DO not HAVE A CRY then it is great great deal WORSOR.

when i say cry i mean like 5 TO 7 DAYS A WEEK .very  i can not see tiny issues .what i hate is it is so EASY to get upset immotions with aspergers

Draining mess up WHOLE DAY .every day effecting 

newspapers i all ways get .the other day i saw a story that a survey was done for NORMAL PEOPLE .it asked one question 

1,would you date a disabled person.any disability 

well the reply they got .disability gone back ONE HUNDRED YEARS . the reply said 93 PERSENT would NOT date Disabilty 

i am so happy ,so pleased that i am disabled .if i was not i would be very very ASHAMED/DISGUSTED .normal people put Disability in

the same bracit as Crimminals .ware is OUR sex/sexuality/puberty 


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