My Life with Aspergers and M.E. as a Husband and Father

Mark Kent

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Bodyissues.Sexual Abuse,saturday26thJune.020

Posted on June 27, 2020 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)

it took a lot lot  years BEFORE   i could UNDERSTAND .  some things i still do NOT  ..questions i very often ask MYSELF   .making  it

Even more CONFUSING ..way i used too think /feel 

My Body is a Crime .still think /feel this way

when the sexual abuse was being done too me .WHY COULD GOD NOT WALK IN PICK ME UP .SAVE ME

Thinking that Semen is Urine/Wee 

Thinking that KYJELLY is SNOT 

the list goes on  BEING DISABLED  made so much WORSE  .. it was all so  SEEING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME 

What was being DONE  too MY FAILED BODY And There  Bodies had Pubic Hair  the Other had ..NO...Pubic Hair 

the Pain alone of Sexual Abuse IS LIKE NO OTHER .

while talking about,Sexual Abuse . i get very very very UPSET/HURT  . it is VERY GOOD  when sexual abuse is TALKED ABOUT   and Men

HOW EVER  and it is very very big HOW EVER should be STATED  MADE VERY VERY CLEAR  that ..NOT...NOT ALL MEN  ARE  like 

This .it looks very very very BAD ON MYSELF AND  OTHERS i am like that .it was bad enough what HAPPENED  what was  DONE 

     mark, see you in my Dreams

Thunder/Lightening, saturday20th June.020

Posted on June 20, 2020 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

before i talk about this . had few FALLS . CRASH   .constant Pain  .if i go too slow Pain goes Hyper .turn a corner Pain  SHARPENS 

Down  BOTH Legs/sides  often my toes/feet i can hardly FEEL ..Wheel Chairs coming too get me .I AM DREADING . STANDING  UP

Bending over Making me really Angry .what a COMPLETE Disater/Failor ..if one thing HELPS ME .it is too have a GOOD Cry  .a Runny Snotty 

Nose down my Cheeks  .VERY OFTEN  .i can NOT sit for that long before Pain INTERFEARS 



Bladder AND bowels .i do LEAK more than any other time Diarrehea  more RUNNY PAINFUL . Very very Soaked WET SHITTY NAPPIES  

Even more so  Thundering .Lightening 

Sexual Abuse  when there is Thundering/Lightening is a lot lot Worse .I WANT TOO VOMIT ALL OVER ..only time  i ever felt SAVE  is when i have 

VOMITED . this is on top of having a BIG FEAR OF Vomiting BUT   i do FEEL soo much BETTER  AFTER I HAVE Vomited . it  DEPENDS ON 

HOW BAD I AM ..IF I AM not  THAT  BAD THEN ..MOSTLY  what HELPS   is having a very good Runny Snotty  Nose DOWN  my Cheeks 

i had a e.mail very RECENTLY  and that person said to me .just been on your Blog .WHY  DO PEOPLE..NOT ..TALK LIKE YOU DO 

Thank You for  that

                                      Mark. see you in my dreams .how ever far i can make it

healthissues ,saturday13thJune.020

Posted on June 13, 2020 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

i got a letter of the  TELEPHONE Hospital appointment i had 

i got  t-score SPINE 3,4   and in the LEFT Hip  i got t-score of -1.9  very very PAINFUL 

THEN  in this letter it says  I COULD HAVE,,SYNOVITIS  . not a clue what that is . i am not going too look it up .would give me Melt down 

Migraines/Vomiting  few times at the WORST  five times a day .

if i walk too fast PAIN  GOES  HYPER .if i Knock my self a tiny bit PAIN GOES  HYPER ..

i am waiting for  a Telephone call or a Letter from, Pain Management Team 

because i have Asperger  MOST  of  my ISSUES  are  soo Senory  i have FEAR OF Vomiting .this DOES  happen two times a DAY 

Migraines then M.E .Bocked Chest .Bladder/Bowel i can very often be very WET  very SHITTY  .AT THE SAME TIME  .the list goes on 

i can be LEAKING FOR FIVE MINS ..AFTER ..EACH..FLOOD Energy  DROPS like any thing 

i could carry a bucket around  STILL WOULD NOT HELP .  ..i have lots/LOTS T issues in my Pockets .Trousers  .coat .under my Pillow 

Heavy Floods Snot all over 

my Angles /Feet are the WORST for Pain .HAVING TOO -TIP-TOE-AROUNG .can not put my feet flat  .can not do my shoe lases up

just trying too Stand i I FALL BACK DOWN..What a Disater what a FAILOR 


update .tuesday 9th June 020

Posted on June 9, 2020 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (0)

taking two lots new tablets make me very Nausea Vomiting .dizzy .one tablet i take every day the other i take  once a week .my Ancles 

are very Painful too stand on.taking tablets make my bladder and bowels Worse ,very very often i am   Wet and Shitty SAME TIME very 

Draining .Hayfever  very Runny Snot alll over Again so Draining THIS Then makes my Migraines Worse  ware again i am very Nausea then i 

am Vomiting.I NEVER AT ANY TIME FEEL SORRY FOR MYSELF ..last week had hospital appointment by TELEPHONE ..they are going too 

put me on too  A NEW TEAM . this could take some time because all this Lockdown ..WARE ARE PEOPLE TOO TALK TO .WARE ARE PEOPLE 


do NOT think for asecond that I Put myself down or have a go at myself .OTHER PEOPLE DO THIS FOR ME .there views/judgements and 

THEY are NOT  effected by these health issues .sun shinning very bright here .TROUBLE  woke up this morning .very SOAKED Wet /Shitty 

Nappy/PAD  REALY SORE NAPPY RASH.and on MY PILLOW  Runny Snotty Hayfever .my cheeks was Covered as well .all sorts of Tablets 

Medine i have TREID .nothing helps .few MADE LOT WORSE IBS Painful Runny SOOO Shitty .i am taking NOT Aday at a time .BUT I AM TAKING  HALF A DAY AT A TIME ..who has  Friends .who has any body Talk too .WITH MYSELF ONE THING ANY BODY GETS FROM ME IS


                Mark, see you all in my Dreams 

chat,sunday 7th June

Posted on June 7, 2020 at 2:10 AM Comments comments (0)

lot people are aware i have M.E 

well the other month i was all so Diagnosed with ,FIBROMYALGIA  .. i have told only a few people .i could not get up out of the chair when i was 

told.THINK IT WAS is my birthday this friday 12 .will be 58 years old  .WHAT A ..UNKIND ..Birthday to be given .THERE IS MORE 

SAD NEWS ...I HAVE NOT TOLD ANY BODY .at the hospital appointment i was told  MY LEFT SIDE HAS GREAT DEAL PAIN .FOR PAIN IT

IS ON THE ,T.SCALE OF .10. from my Hip .was told can GIVE WAY ANY TIME next month .I AM ON NEW TABLETS 

Pain is so much .standing up   .sitting down .I WANT TOO SCREAM LIKE NEVER BEFORE.people never see the every day effects 

useing a walking stick like more .dizzy Nausea A LOT MORE .Tablets new i am taking every day ONE .then another Tablet  ONCE A WEEK

Feeling SO Sad .PAIN over takes me MOST DAYS 


chat.sunday 5th April 020

Posted on April 5, 2020 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (1)

two walking sticks i got .pain very very sharp

ibs.very over Shitty .Hayfever .very  over Snotty ,.carpol tunnel syndrome pain sharp..m.e pain a lot worsor

i am a very Hated .Disliked person. all ways asking how other people are .NEVER get that back Laughed at .Talked about

Never asked how i am.what i am doing .need any help.MIRACLES  happen RARELY .think i would FAINT if i was asked it is that RARE

it is LOCK DOWN Here ..Nightmares of the Abuse been Worsor  .Both my bladder and bowels  Accidents HIGH .,

mornings sun shinning very bright ALLWAYS starts Hayfever off ,very Runny Body  and People are a COMPLETE  DISASTER

AND A TOTAL LET DOWN..Shame.Disgrace .Failor ,have i missed any thing out.



Posted on March 17, 2020 at 5:50 AM Comments comments (1)

i ADORE  being nude /naked  very very much  EVEN MORE SO BEING  DISABLED .. ther is  NOTHING around for  ANY Disability  

being nude /naked WHY BECAUSE OUR BODIES ARE ..DIFFERENT..for myself  because i have Aspergers and M.E  .being nude/naked  

HELPS A GREAT GREAT DEAL ..  Anxiety .Panic Attacts  ..Melt downs   SENSORY ISSUES   and Migraines  have SLOWED DOWN 

HAPPENING A LOT ...LESS.. my body feels  SO MUCH BETTER  after being nude/naked HELPS  me understand be aware  of/about 

my body  VERY VERY DIFFICULT  having Aspergers .. People have seen me YES  made fun made very bad REMARKS  ..really  do not 

care ..not bothered ..this is what i call a great great deal ..MY  TIME ,  at least A HOUR EACH DAY  ..few times i do have Longer  ,THIS  

IS HEAVEN  when i have longer  .i so look forward to  being nude/naked  EACH DAY  it keeps  me going .YES  . i have  Bladder /Bowel 

Accidents .NOT BOTHERED  ,REALLY DO NOT CARE  ..i am so HAPPY  /PLEASED  when i am NAKED /NUDE many many 



thingsi do/things i say .monday9thmarch.020

Posted on March 9, 2020 at 6:05 AM Comments comments (0)

there will all ways be a tomorrow .BUT  nothing is for ever

all ways think of TODAY  ..not yesterday not tomorrow  .will help a lot with Anxiety  ..melt downs 

be NAKED /NUDE  as much as POSSIBLE   .i enjoy this SO MUCH  . even more so BEING Disabled  because OUR BODIES 


go find /seek  YOUR sexuality  /sex education even more so being Disabled  our BODIES  are very very DIFFERENT 

Draw /Paint YOURSELF  Nude/Naked  AGAIN even more so BECAUSE  our BODIES  are very very  DIFFERENT 

i will see you IN MY DREAMS 


chat .thursday 5th march . 020

Posted on March 5, 2020 at 4:00 AM Comments comments (0)

YESTERDAY  i come CLOSE  to  Collapse  /passing out with the AMONT  OF PAIN . people never  see the every day EFFECTS  

i am NOT  on Linkedin any more .EVERY THERE WAS DELETED  

been thinking great deal of DELETING me on Twitter  AND ON  THIS ,BLOG  .mite be BECAUSE  pain i am in Daily 

got a list of Hospital Appointments coming  up .days ware i can  hardly stand up straight .on my last Hospital Appointment 

i was told they can NOT ..NOT  do any Massage BECAUSE  of the AMOUNT OF PAIN THAT I AM IN  .

at least they could SEE  THIS  .  I FEEL   a Disgrace .. i am Disabled i CAN NOT WORK  . and  i am becoming  great great deal 



NEWS Monday 17 th Febu 2020

Posted on February 17, 2020 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (0)

BOOK HAS BEEN PUBLISHED  ..i am co-Author  any body interested  in Disabilty

Direct Link


this is on Linkedin ..BUT ALL SO I HAVE WROTE that from this wednesday 19th .I WILL NO LONGER  BE ON Linkedin