My Life with Aspergers and M.E. as a Husband and Father

Mark Kent

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Aunts/Uncles.friday 11th janu 018

Posted on January 11, 2019 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (0)

i think that I AM WELL  HATED DETEST BY PEOPLE but when you get it from  family related people .IT IS A DIS GRACE i have  say 

Aunts/Uncles who live in the next town or 30 mins away by car .they have NOTHING TOO DO WITH ME MY FAMILY .CRIMINNALS GET 

TREATED LOT LOT BETTER .yes, they have been ASKED around  cup tea .they have our address .e.mail details  post address 


and why are THEY LIKE THIS ..BEING DISABLED ... how would they feel if any time in years THEY BECOME DISABLED . very very sad

these people KNEW ME since i was a toddler .i would ALL WAYS GO TOO SEE THEM ..thinking about it i canb not remember even one 

time one day WARE THEY COME TOO SEE ME .i am talking about DIFFERENT PEOPLE HERE  like NOT just A Auntie or A Uncle.

it is BAD ENOUGH Disability is Treated ..then you get it from Relatives AND  A FEW LIVE IN THE SAME TOWN AS I DO MY FAMILY 

have cars .NEVER STOP BY HERE CHAT .OUR FAMILY .. Christmas i did NOT send these any Cards .in the past i have had to send cards

too another person THEN THEY GIVE THEM TOO them. have i Attacted any body. have i taken any Drugs NO ,WAY Crime ..



Eyecontact.friday 11th janu.018

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Eye contact/face exspressions hand in hand with autism/aspergers .WITH EYE CONTACT  .../// WITH  SAY RESEARCHERS.PROFESSORS 

LECTORS ..they SAY we can NOT do this.well this is one things ware THEY ARE GOING VERY VERY WRONG .i am a adult with aspergers 

i can do Eye contact   but BUT ONLY FOR MINS AT THE MOST .then i go dizzy/blurry  .it has taken me YEARS too do this LEARN this

same goes for Face Exaspressions i can tell a few .it has taken me years too dpo this .OK..WE CAN NOT /ARE NOT ABLE TOO DO /TELL

Eye contact /Face Exspressions LIKE MOST PEOPLE CAN ARE ABLE TOO ..but WE CAN DO THESE IN A MUCH SMALLER WAY.and fair 

enough we can not learn in hours/days like most people can IT TAKES US YEARS .i think from MY OWM VIEW  we have a lot lot lot trouble 

with Eye contact and face exspressions BECAUSE OF ALLERGIES ..Asthma /Hayfever and i think Migraines as well ..ALL VERY VERY 

OVER SENSORY =ISH .research is rare ,yet so very very EVERY DAY EFFECTING  .. most people do NOT see these Every day EFFECTS



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the sun news paper i all ways get .all ways reading Dear Deidre Page ..IN DECEMBER LAST YEAR //CASE BOOKS PART  .there was a story 

about  TWO GAY LADIES wanting Children so they LOOKED for a Sperm Doner .i understand story what they are saying. WAIT A COCKIN 

PICKIN MIN HERE . i have been reading this page FOR YEARS ..i, am getting Ashamed and very very Disgusted AT nORMAL pEOPLE ..


Love Story and Disability  lets go a lot lot  more here i have not ..NOT seen one story about Disabilty  AND SEX /SEXUALITY /PUBERTY /

SEX EDUCATION  but ooh Normal people ok fine for them too talk IN GREAT DETAIL  they can say Penis/Breasts/Vagina /Sex/Orgasms 

Page three FLASHING THERE BREASTS OFF  .the list gets so long WARE IS OUR SEX /SEXUALITY /SEX EDUCATION  .if WE say any of

these words .IT IS A CRIME we should NOT be SEEN ,we should NOT be heard .Disabilites OUR BODIES /MINDS are very very DIFFERENT

what has any body got too say  Agree /Disagree WARE is Disability in newspapers/magazines /television/films /music  list goes on .HOW CAN 


ware are Books about Disabilities .if any think I AM VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY ..PROUND ,TOO BE ,DISABlED .IF I WAS so called 

normal ,i, really would not know/dare too show my face 


ChristmasandAspergers .018 .Christmas Eve

Posted on December 24, 2018 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)

i ADORE love  christmas ..Santa for me christmas should be TWICE A YEAR  .so hope for a WHITE CHRISTMAS  that has not happened 

for a lot years ,.really enjoy decorations trees FAMILY FUN .,it is a very very different time of the year .UNLIKE ANY OTHER TIME.really 

look forward too writting out cards /giving them WEARING CHRISTMAS CLOTHS  santa hat .santa socks .jumper ..t-shirt tops all christmas

i start wearing my christmas out fits about the LAST WEEK OF OCTOBER ..ooh YES i am such a fan..i love to watch the christmas films 

on television channels like ,.movies 24  very very FANTASTIC  .,so look forward too OUR CHILDREN opening there presents .as i have said

christmas should be TWICE A YEAR like say JULY  then December .should not have too wait a whole year .it is NOT on .,i so enjoy 

SNOW .christmas MUSIC  i play last week of october .OOH YES  when 1 Jnuary is here i am so very SAD  christmas cloths .christmas 

decorations all come down ,how melt down can it be ..i so try too look forward too the next time

CHRISTMAS CARDS  i all ways give .BUT THIS YEAR i waited too see who sent me one .doing it this way .i did NOT write out half the 

chritmas cards .people can not send/reply a card .THAT IS THERE GREAT  LOSS .it is all so very very sad .i am Aware there are cards 



M.E. tuesday 11th December 018

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my M.E . has gotten a lot lot worsor .pain is a great deal worsor ,people never see the every  day effects .i have been UN-able  to 

Reply too people on my blog or on Linkedin.. i ALL WAYS DO REPLY TOO PEOPLE when I can ..,

too Each  person and too ALL..HAPPY  CHRISTMAS   .best time of the YEAR ..,Mulled Wine ..Sacsumas 

if any body would like too ask me any thing ..ASK,if a person does not ask how can they understand  or how can they help


Taking Part IN research .TUESDAY27TH.NOV.018

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THIS i do a great great deal .i am from well respected by lectures/professors /researchers .ANY RESEARCH I DO .it is NOT just 

Autism/aSPERGERS ..THE LIST IS LONG LONG like say .Abuse/Bullying .bladder/bowel problems M.E . these are just a few i have 

taken part in RESEARCH for .people really Piss me off MOST DAYS .with Autism/Aspergers  .if we do not take part in research 

HOW CAN PEOPLE UNDERSTAND OR HELP .same goes for M.E . .ware is the Understanding /awareness . i EARN RESPECT 

OFTEN feel let down by people WHO  DO not TAKE PART IN RESEARCH but THEY EXSPECT Understanding .YET WHAT HAVE 

THEY DONE .with Autism/Aspergers i think that one of the very very WORST THINGS ARE these people who .SELF- DIAGNOSE

its out of order over exstreme and it makes it such a great great deal WORSOR FOR ...US,People want understanding TAKE PART 

IN RESEARCH .you do NOT pay any thing .travel is paid .you meet the researchers .why are more people NOT doing this .the research

RESULTS are for the future like children gran-children 



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this means,NOISE .any sort from any ware for instance a car door .shouting .body issues ..plates being dropped

I, HAVE MISOPHONIA .however with MYSELF it is BODY ISSUES ... Urine coming out or Shit or Snotty Nose .it does corse 

Melt scarey frightening .another thing is it is all so ..FEELING..of these body issues one of the worst for MYSELF  is Vomiting 

have a big FEAR of Vominting this is on top of Misophonia .I WILL SAY IS  do not fight too hold them back .LET THESE HAPPEN  .it makes 

it so much EASIER .some times it can get  like very Angry .takes a lot out of you.really draining .there are things ways around these like say

Wear Head Phones .i think thgat BODY ISSUES  is the WORST for Misophonia;going in the body THEN COMING OUT VERY DIFFERENT 

i think Colours are very EFFECTING with Misophonia .there is RESEARCH AND GROUPS /HELP .it is effecting in DIFFFERENT WAYS 

WITH DIFFERENT PEOPLE. like MYSELF it is BODY  i thinkl what makes it so much WORSOR  is i have IBS and bladder problems

so Shit /URINE  then i have Hay Fever 12 months year .Snot and Misophonia /PEOPLE NEVER SEE THE EVERY DAY EFFECTS



LEWIS.wednesday 14 th november.018

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our middle son LEWIS AGE 15 .is  having really bad time Autism .Kidney problems next is Epolelsy -seiures .TODAY he has  

HOSPITAL APPOINTMENT has too  have a IMR SCAN difficult is this for Autism  aspergers ,.in the past 3 weeks alone we have 

had TWO TELEPHONE CALLS A WEEK from Lewis school too say that LEWIS IS ILL .can we come .A FEW TIMES A AMBULANCE 

HAS BEEN THERE .we have had to be taken troo the HOSPITAL..,lewis is cheerful .BUT  gets really up set OFTEN  ..melt downs 

list hospital appointments 3 . this is BEFORE CHRISTMAS . a few times lewis has come home from SCHOOL in the MINI BUS

we have had too CARRY LEWIS OUT OF THE MINI BUSE INTO  OUR HOUSE .it really drains him takes a great deal out of Lewis 

Lewis is very chatty .a big big .DR.WHO FAN..his health has shot DOWN  a great great deal in the past year ,TODAY Lewis has

TWO hospital appointments Different spealists TOO SEE .,



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BOOK, Tracey Black,..coping mechanisms.

the LADY that wrote this  should be given a MEDAL /..real life stories about Sexual Abuse .information .help numbers 

Tracey is NOT her real name .SADLY I LOST CONTACT WITH HER ..this book should be on the BEST SELLING LIST 

Tracy HERSELF was abused so there yoiur not going to get any better understanding /awareness  has the every day effects 

MOST PEOPLE do NOT see .Tracy asked me if i have a story  at the time she was writting THIS BOOK .so i said YES .it is a BIBLE 

for me .stories by people in this book SAY IT HOW IT HAPPENED ..WHAT HAPPENED  very very UNLIKE  MOST aUTHORS/

Writters .sexual abuse is THY WORST PAIN THERE CAN BE .a life sentence PAIN .the book has different stories by DIFFERENT 

People ALL WAS ABUSED ,.. my story is in this book . the stories BY different people are very very DETAILED /GRAPHIC....

Any body who has been abused TELL YOUR STORY/TALK ABOUT IT 


bodyissues,IBS.Aspergers .wednesday14nov.018

Posted on November 14, 2018 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (0)

IBS  and Aspergers .VERY VERY SENSORY .diahorrea .bloating .pain .nausea how UN-KIND TOO Aspergers 

Drainging it is Shit very very Shitty IBS is as bad as Smearing .each time HEAVY FLOODS .my sensories are on

Red ALARMS .so very close TOO OVERLOAD ..MELT DOWN .there are great deal BODY ISSUES with Aspergers ...

cleaning your self/wiping ..urine .Snotty Nose .it is by no means funny .so DIFFICULT research has happened .YET IT IS 

SO EFFECTING ..EVERY DAY i hate detest too see the site of IBS .one of the senory issues is with IBS  it is so RUNNY  -Shit 

corsing meltdown.overload .if i can help it i TRY to have a GOOD CRY instead .much prefer a good cry too a meltdown 

some times Vomiting and it so HELPS when it happens IBS  is so very UN-Healthy foe Aspergers well i think EXSTREME most days

painful tummy .i often spend HOURS IN THE TOILET this is MOST DAYS .when Floods Shit happen i am so glad very pleased it 

is OUT OF THE WAY .very very TIRIING .my eyes watering .what can help ..what does not help or make it lot lot worsor