My Life with Aspergers and M.E. as a Husband and Father

Mark Kent

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chat,thursday 20th septem.018

Posted on September 20, 2018 at 7:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Masking .it is EXTREME for autism/aspergers  .NO GOOD .as a adult with Aspergers i find Masking  Scarey //Frieghtening 

it is NOT  helping in any way .it does make it so much Worsor for Autism./Aspergers .in a way i think it is SICK  .it is  some thing 

too USE AGAINST AUTISM.ASPERGERS . well the same as Emphany is used against us ,I THINK  THAT Masking  can  be 

Dangerous .it should be BANNED .no way should any children try this..i think as well Masking WILL CORSE VERY BIG MELT DOWNS

Heavy Anxiety..Masking is just like Watching a Horror Film..i DIS-AGREE With masking very very very strongly .it will only Hurt.Upset 

make things a lot lot Worsor .we do NOT need this.we do NOT want this .masking WILL do a lot lot lot DAMAGE  Mind and Body 

it does/will give a bad name for autism/aspergers .I am AGAINST IT ,.WHY DO PEOPLE have it in for autism./asperrgers .make it a

Million times Worsor .as a ADULT with Aspergers I feel ASHAMED AND DISGUSTED  With masking 



Posted on August 23, 2018 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)

this is being a very very big problem happening during past 6 months .IT IS VERY VERY COMMON WITH AUTISM/ASPERGERS 

no, research has happened .YET IT IS SO EFFECTING..often i am Dripping Soaking wet with sweat .it is same like Hayfever .SNOT

flooding all over .with being Hot .it is like the SUN  is full blaze most days .RESEARCH IS NOT DOING ENOUGH  ...why /how do these

happen to Autism..ASpergers .when you got  Autism/ASPERGERS THEN LIKE m.e /hAYFEVER  sWEATING/HOT all these  DOUBLE THE 

TROUBLE WELL trible HOW DO WE COPE/DEAL WITH THESE .no, understanding .no awareness .list gets longer and longer 

IBS .I HAVE .very very very SHITTY againg Allergies .m.e /make it all a MILLION TIMES WORSOR..being Disabled .No HELP .peoples 

VIEWS/OPPIONS  when they do NOT have these problems .worst time for myself at the moment is NIGHT TIME with Sweating and HOT 


MOST DAYS .people NEVER see the every day effects 



Posted on August 23, 2018 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (0)

i am having some really very good chats on Linkedin with people .I HAVE GOT CLOSE TO 900 PEOPLE ooh WOW .finding it scarey that 

amount .one lady has said she could put my blog/my book on Face book .i have not said yes or no .WHAT DOES ANY BODY THINK  

this Lady will be reading this .i am very very very IMPRESSED i got 900 people om Linkedin .i hate too think how many are on

my blog.people who i have talked to on Linkedin have said they been on my blog .KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.DOING VERY WELL

being a disabled person it is VERY VERY TOUCHING TO HEAR THAT ..very RARE from Any body  to be told this 

i am on Twitter,supersnooper



Posted on August 23, 2018 at 4:35 AM Comments comments (1)

OUR SON ,lewis HAS ASPERGERS  he lives on DORA PASTA ..we are having a lot lot trouble  trying too FIND ANY 

   any information about ,dora pasta  does any body have


America/France .sunday 5th august .018

Posted on August 5, 2018 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (0)

i am over the moon i do not live in America or FRANCE ..sorry David .we could be meeting soon .in these 2 countrys 

i am over the moon i do not live in America or FRANCE ..sorry David .we could be meeting soon .in these 2 cuntries  with autism/aspergers Crimminals are treated A LOT LOT BETTER/. i would be very Ashamed very Disgusted  if i lived 

there .so very thankful i do NOT .lets take for instance there was a gentleman from England i think and HE HACKED  Americas TOP 

SECURITY  .he has Aspergers .what do they try too do JAIL HIM .most would use it too their advantace GIVE HIM A JOB .IMPROVE 

THEIR SECURITY .he could show them a great things NO THEIR TOO STUPID .it is America they have JAIL HIM .how is he going 

too cope with that having aspergers .he could show them UP GOOD AND PROPPER ..he could shown them  how/ware /why he 

hacked them .WARE THEY WENT VERY WRONG  ,most all  what is very forgotten here is HE IS,DISABLED ,going too jail would

DESTRY HIM finish him .jails in America are very very violent /rotten .America shoots people with autism/america .drug them 

England is so very very very much better



Posted on August 5, 2018 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

NO ,reasearch has been done.YET IT IS SO EFFECTING is NOT a fetish .Attition seeking .it is NOT .

every Body has Puberty .well with Autism/.Aspergers PLAYING WITH..SHIT there puberty .and it is very very very SENSORY 

very often NOT AWARE WHAT THEY ARE DOING /WARE THEY ARE .this playing will happen dozen times and OFTEN  ,try too stop it

then they will go behind your back .will be a lot lot worsor .OVER THE WALLS .RUBBED IN  WILL BE VERY VERY MESSY like playing  in

PUDDLES .senory it is very soft .very sqeezeable very playful .love too smell it .it is very Runny 


they will be  playing with Shit NO MATTER What.,take them too the bath room cloths off .put them in the bath and let them PLAY 

WHAT ELSE .you could take them too the TOILET WHEN YOU GO them  shit /urine go down here flush toilet .let them see 

YOU GOING .ALL SO SHOW THEM WITH your body ware sit /urine  come out of the body .ALL FACE TOO FACE .HANDS ON HANDS

ALL TIMES  .have do this very very OFTEN what all so helps a great deal is being NUDE/NAKED .we understand be come aware when 

things are right in FRONT OF US.FACE TOO FACE 


Bodyissues.Catheters ,saturday4thaugust.018

Posted on August 4, 2018 at 6:20 AM Comments comments (0)

i had a Catheter in for nearly 2 years .i was on the waiting list for SELF-Cathetering .i found it very helpful  in a lot ways 

like sores was not half as bad.helped with sex/Erections .found it much better than leg bags .the catheter was CHANGED by a nurse about

every six weeks.i still got sores.but  not as bad .rashes come up .and one thing i found MOST HELPFUL  was i could Shave  OFTEN 

Between my legs .this helps great deal .i never could stand pubic hairs .i felt so much  better .abuse rarely bothered me with the catheter in

k.y.jelly helped great deal.HOWEVER and very big how ever .one time come to catheter BEING CHANGED by a nurse .the catheter BROKE 

OFF INSIDE ME .took a few goes .broke off .so in side my bladder was BITS of the tube .this scared me NO Catheter since those days 

found it frightening ,

i have tryed ANAL PLUG .this helped great deal going out or when i went Swimming .k.y.jelly helps a lot HOW EVER what i did find  was 

Taking the plug OUT  it got very very Shitty .flooded OUT  Draining  because i have IBS  very Diarrhea  bloating Tummy  and Back Passage 

very sore MOST OF ALL very very ITCHY



Posted on June 19, 2018 at 4:00 AM Comments comments (0)

i TAKE PART IN A LOT LOT RESEARCH one these few years ago was about ADULT Nappies .a few of them was VERY GOOD.but OFTEN 

MOST how could they be sold  .done very very cheaply .NEEDS new reviews /research .lot UPDATES on ADULT NAPPIES in a way they are

a DISGRACE TOO ADULTS .when i test a lot lot nappies VERY OFTEN ..URINE/SHIT went straight through the nappies 

1,Should be made thicker/stronger 

2,who tests adult nappies.WHY NOT USE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THIS PROBLEM .there VIEWS

3,the MIDDLE BIT going around private parts needs ENFORCING /STRONGER //WIDER .THESE are SUPPOSED too be for ADULTS


4,EXTRA SUPPORT should be in ALL ADULT NAPPIES like say TUMMY BULT .WOULD FIT inside the nappy .we ARE TALKING adult 

nappies HERE 


6,if ANY BODY is LAUGHING be thankful i am not standing NEXT TOO YOU,one day YOU could have this problem



Posted on June 19, 2018 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (0)


Asperger syndrome/ mistery pain .often in my tummy..sleep problems. Bladder/bowel problems 

M.E .Pain all over .Allergies lot worsor,Nausea.Vomiting ,Blocked chest 

Migraines ,.very very often .nausea .vomiting .AFTER i hve Vomited ,I DO FEEL DO MUCH BETTER,Pain INSANTLY GOES

Blader/Bowel problems .IBS, wearing ADULT Nappies .HOT WEATHER corsing Nappy rashes front and back 

Carpol Tunnel syndrome . slightest knock INSTANT PAIN

Arthritis ,slightest knock INSTANT PAIN

SExual Abuse .Flashbacks .nightmares ..PAIN LIKE NO OTHER PAIN.nausea.Vomiting .panic attacts .bladder/bowel problems

PEOPLE making these problems a GREAT GREAT DEAL WORSOR 

Allergies. Hayfever,Asthma .MOST DAYS 

ON A WALKING STICK these days 

my views ,I AM VERY LUCKY all ways think there are poeople lot worsor than i am .NEED A LOT MORE HELP/UNDERSTANDING/AWARENESS 



Posted on June 8, 2018 at 7:15 AM Comments comments (0)


THIS sunday afternoon having a few friends around,UN -aware if they would call me a friend