My Life with Aspergers and M.E. as a Husband and Father

Mark Kent

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Autism.saturday 13th April.019

Posted on April 13, 2019 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

1,Aspies, i am ok on being called this well 50/50 -ish  i do and THEN I DO NOT  .this has been made very bad news lately because of HISTORY


3,Autism ,this i am for 1000 PER CENT  .most people understand/aware  of this word what it means .its a GENTLE WORD 
really this word should be spelt with  ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ..stands out a lot lot better .be lot more IMPRESSED  as well 
feels safer in Capital letters .add colours of the rainbow .WOW ..


Pain,tuesday 2nd.April.019

Posted on April 2, 2019 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (1)

Asperger Syndrome ..PAIN 

M.E.  /Chronic Fatique  PAIN

I.B.S.   Pain

Arthritis Pain 

Carpol Tunnel Syndrome  Pain 

Migrainees  .Pain 

Sexual Abuse . PAIN

when i say Pain mean great deal 7 days a week. these enclude Nausea most days .Vomiting .people never see the every day effects .most days 

i want too SCREAM ..I, AM alive .BUT HOW WOULD OTHER PEOPLE COPE/DEAL WITH THESE ..most people are very good with their 

views/judgements .MOST DAYS I SIT CRY .SNOTTY NOSE and IT HELPS SO MUCH ..these just few health issues i have BUT the most 

Pain ful ones .i, can NOT work. feel very TERRIBLE about that .these days  all ways useing a Walking Stick .think great deal to my self .i am ok

Alive .there are a great deal worsor medical issues .lot people who need GREATER HELP


M..E.friday 8th march ..019

Posted on March 8, 2019 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (0)

not been on my blog for a while  .been in a great deal more pain  .more hospital appointments  ..more tablets 

just trying too stand up  pain NOBODY SEES .pain strikes any ,warning M.E .IS VERY VERY PAINFUL.these days  i can do 

one thing like .washing up .then i am fast a sleep  for 2 TOO 3 HOURS a day 7 days a week .i cope deal with this by having a really good

cry and Snotty Nose ..Helps so very much .some times the pain does bring me CLOSE to Melt downs .people NEVER see the EVERY DAY 

EFFECTS.i do NOT just sit around . do not smoke .do not  drinking , it is very very common too have bladder /bowel problems .I HAVE BOTH

THESE . very very very Shitty /WET  7 days a week .again NOBODY SEES THE EVERY DAY EFFECTS list health issues goes up up up

i Never feel  shame/disgrace .WHY SHOULD I . IT IS PEOPLE WHO SHOUD WITH THERE VIEWS/JUDGEMENTS   ,normal people this  is 

i got new medicines too take in 10 mins


Readers.saturday 16th febu 019

Posted on February 16, 2019 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (0)

this is for my viewers /readers 

ware do you come from like Country .what do you do .who are you


Sperm.thursday 31st.janu.019

Posted on January 31, 2019 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (1)

My Sperm is as good as ANY BODiIES  having Sex  Shooting Sperm out .my body is as good as ANY BODIES  ,i, am Disabled  this 

does NOT mean i do not have any Sperm .this does not mean i do not have sex. this does not mean my body is UGLY /DISGRACEFUL

BUT, wait a Cockin Pickin min here THIS IS HOW NORMAL PEOPLE THINK  SAY/DO .VIEWS/JUDGEMENTS on/about Disabilty if 

Normal people had there way i would NOT be allowed to see my own sperm see my own Body .Shame /Didgusting  .WE should NOT 

be SEEN .we should NOT be heard  ,OUR BODIES HIDDEN AT ALL TIMES ..YET all this is COMPLETLEY different ok fine for normal people 

ANY Normal person reaing this  first thing they THINK   i, should be Locked up one thing here is i am very very very PROUD  every day of the

WEEK  that i am Disabled and most of all i am NOT Normal .THANK GOD FOR THIS .too be normal i find is very very EMBARRASING .the

things that they talk about .breasts .orgasms .sex  I HAVE HEARD THEM IN PERSON. if it was any Disabilty .THAT WOULD BE A CRIME 

like I am talking here TODAY about Sperm how wonderful .colourful  juicy my sperm is .nORMAL PEOPLE CAN SAY THESE THINGS  And in 

a lot lot more DEGRADING way .


chat,tuesday 22nd .january .019

Posted on January 22, 2019 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (1)

what are the DIFFERENCES  between the following

Asexual..pansexual .grey sexual  .queer sexual  cis-sexual same-sex  bi.sexual 

trans-sexual .cross -dressing  the list goes on   gay, ..who blogs talks about any of these 


UNCLE JOHN B.tueday 22nd janu.019

Posted on January 22, 2019 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Christmas LAST MONTH 018 .the best UNCLE i had ...UNLIKE OTHER UNCLES/AUNTIES have nothing too do with me .VERY SHAME ON

THEM .my uncle john wife christine very often come too see me or went too see them .WE BOTH LIKED VERY MUCH ELVIS PRESLEY .Chrinstine is my mums sister ,i all ways felt very WEL COME by John . 

    peace and rest,John


Crying ,tuesday 22ndjanuary.019

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CRYING, i do very very often  very Runny Snotty Nose .i, so very prefer THAN a Melt down .it is RARE i have a Melt down .may be crying 

saves that .with crying there is no pain .only lots tears and Snot .because i have Aspergers Emotions are very very High .very often i can

br crying and i can NOT see WHY THIS IS HAPPENING .i do think crying stops Anxiety stress .HELPS ME GREAT GREAT DEAL  .i will 

have a good cry like 3 TIMES A DAY  .it is like i have M.E . this is been at its worst PAST FEW MONTHS .HAVE HOSPITAL Appointment in

Febuary .THE  Pain alone instant and SHARPE  .having a good cry ..Snotty Runny Nose  the pain calms settles down .if i have a melt down

PAIN IS WORSOR .i, feel so much better having a good cry .a good snotty nose I FEEL GREAT DEAL BETTER .,AFTER AND LATER .

Crying for myself is MY WAY of Coping dealing with things like M.E ,how would any body else do .what would they  say/cope /do .crying 

all so HELPS  a lot with Migraines as i get them BADLY .so Crying is a BIG part of MY LIFE .my Allergies are HIGH  so i have HEAVY floods 

Snot any way.i think Crying is very very Sensory as well 


Aunts/Uncles.friday 11th janu 018

Posted on January 11, 2019 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (0)

i think that I AM WELL  HATED DETEST BY PEOPLE but when you get it from  family related people .IT IS A DIS GRACE i have  say 

Aunts/Uncles who live in the next town or 30 mins away by car .they have NOTHING TOO DO WITH ME MY FAMILY .CRIMINNALS GET 

TREATED LOT LOT BETTER .yes, they have been ASKED around  cup tea .they have our address .e.mail details  post address 


and why are THEY LIKE THIS ..BEING DISABLED ... how would they feel if any time in years THEY BECOME DISABLED . very very sad

these people KNEW ME since i was a toddler .i would ALL WAYS GO TOO SEE THEM ..thinking about it i canb not remember even one 

time one day WARE THEY COME TOO SEE ME .i am talking about DIFFERENT PEOPLE HERE  like NOT just A Auntie or A Uncle.

it is BAD ENOUGH Disability is Treated ..then you get it from Relatives AND  A FEW LIVE IN THE SAME TOWN AS I DO MY FAMILY 

have cars .NEVER STOP BY HERE CHAT .OUR FAMILY .. Christmas i did NOT send these any Cards .in the past i have had to send cards

too another person THEN THEY GIVE THEM TOO them. have i Attacted any body. have i taken any Drugs NO ,WAY Crime ..



Eyecontact.friday 11th janu.018

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Eye contact/face exspressions hand in hand with autism/aspergers .WITH EYE CONTACT  .../// WITH  SAY RESEARCHERS.PROFESSORS 

LECTORS ..they SAY we can NOT do this.well this is one things ware THEY ARE GOING VERY VERY WRONG .i am a adult with aspergers 

i can do Eye contact   but BUT ONLY FOR MINS AT THE MOST .then i go dizzy/blurry  .it has taken me YEARS too do this LEARN this

same goes for Face Exaspressions i can tell a few .it has taken me years too dpo this .OK..WE CAN NOT /ARE NOT ABLE TOO DO /TELL

Eye contact /Face Exspressions LIKE MOST PEOPLE CAN ARE ABLE TOO ..but WE CAN DO THESE IN A MUCH SMALLER WAY.and fair 

enough we can not learn in hours/days like most people can IT TAKES US YEARS .i think from MY OWM VIEW  we have a lot lot lot trouble 

with Eye contact and face exspressions BECAUSE OF ALLERGIES ..Asthma /Hayfever and i think Migraines as well ..ALL VERY VERY 

OVER SENSORY =ISH .research is rare ,yet so very very EVERY DAY EFFECTING  .. most people do NOT see these Every day EFFECTS