My Life with Aspergers and M.E. as a Husband and Father

Mark Kent

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Eating disorders,friday 21st April 017

Posted on April 21, 2017 at 4:00 AM

Bulimea,Anorexic ALL very very common with Abuse/Bullying Aspergers/Autism and more EVERY DAY EFFECTS

Vomiting ,Throwing up ,,,MOST DAYS AND 6 TIMES A DAY MORE THAN,when i  did this I SEE Sick...vomit i felt so so much better.LIKE A 

NEW PERSON .it got like it WAS ENJOYABLE .took away all the hurt/pain  .these days i do NOT make myself sick .DO NOT HAVE TOO .

because i have m.e,. my chest is blocked often Anxiety /Panic attacts .so i Vomit any way .very very bad migrains so i vomit any way .IT DOES

HELP graet deal too vomit with these health problems.

i do NOT think Parents do enough  Bulimea/Anorecic is HATING/UGLY BODY ..NUDITY.//NAKED would HELP .seeing how the other persons

body looks size.shape .health.body awareness .what you do like what you do not like ..PARENTS YOU WANT TOO HELP YOUR CHILDREN

Diets are so very very Bad .you are YOU,.what do people think say there views when i have said NUDITY/NAKED ..Parents never really think 

what was it like for them as a child .how did they cope .Nudity is all so dealing with SEX. another big part of Anorexic/Bulimea..

ONE THING helps me great deal HAVE A VERY GOOD CRY .. but then helps EVEN MORE THROWING UP /VOMITING .as i said because

i have m.e. i  vomit ANY WAY .do NOT make myself sick on purpose .have NOT for a while YEARS


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