My Life with Aspergers and M.E. as a Husband and Father

Mark Kent

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Posted on September 20, 2018 at 7:20 AM

Masking .it is EXTREME for autism/aspergers  .NO GOOD .as a adult with Aspergers i find Masking  Scarey //Frieghtening 

it is NOT  helping in any way .it does make it so much Worsor for Autism./Aspergers .in a way i think it is SICK  .it is  some thing 

too USE AGAINST AUTISM.ASPERGERS . well the same as Emphany is used against us ,I THINK  THAT Masking  can  be 

Dangerous .it should be BANNED .no way should any children try this..i think as well Masking WILL CORSE VERY BIG MELT DOWNS

Heavy Anxiety..Masking is just like Watching a Horror Film..i DIS-AGREE With masking very very very strongly .it will only Hurt.Upset 

make things a lot lot Worsor .we do NOT need this.we do NOT want this .masking WILL do a lot lot lot DAMAGE  Mind and Body 

it does/will give a bad name for autism/aspergers .I am AGAINST IT ,.WHY DO PEOPLE have it in for autism./asperrgers .make it a

Million times Worsor .as a ADULT with Aspergers I feel ASHAMED AND DISGUSTED  With masking 


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