My Life with Aspergers and M.E. as a Husband and Father

Mark Kent

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Autism/Aspergers .,cure.wednes.31.july.019

Posted on July 31, 2019 at 5:25 AM

if any body walked up too me like  researcher .professor Any body  AND SAID TOO ME there is a Cure for Autism.Aspergers ..

i would say to them ..NO-WAY .,would not want to ..would not be ME .all the research i have taken part in WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED 

would not met  only love of my life wife Tabitha and children .i get by a lot lot better having Aspergers  .i would HATE /DETEST  TO BE  ANY 

BODY ELSE even more so Normal ..helping others like parents who have autism .if i did not have Aspergers i do not think i would be alive 

Being Different thats me thats my life .would  NOT want it would NOT have it any other way .i would not even dream who /ware what i would 

be doing . my life is great deal BETTER  having Aspergers ..if i did not have Aspergers .i, look at it .see it as  my life would be so much WORSOR 

wishs come TRUE With Aspergers .Normal is very Shameful .TASTELESS .. Disgracful ..i am very very Happy i am very very Pleased  having

Aspergers .do things  go places I WOULD NEVER  DO..i am Different thats so WODERFUL and very very very  FANTASTIC ,.i  NEVER  feel 

Sad or UN happy i am Disabled have Aspergers  and M.E ..i NEVER  feel Ashamed  or Made too fell  .LOT PEOPLE HAVE but never me ..,

if any think i WISH  I COULD WORK-EARN  for my Family .THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE AND IT IS NOT MY FAULT Normal people like 

so much too BLAME  that person .I AM WARE I WANT TO BE ,pleased..happy .wonderful .could NOT  be Any thing better 


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