My Life with Aspergers and M.E. as a Husband and Father

Mark Kent

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Crying ,tuesday 22ndjanuary.019

Posted on January 22, 2019 at 5:55 AM

CRYING, i do very very often  very Runny Snotty Nose .i, so very prefer THAN a Melt down .it is RARE i have a Melt down .may be crying 

saves that .with crying there is no pain .only lots tears and Snot .because i have Aspergers Emotions are very very High .very often i can

br crying and i can NOT see WHY THIS IS HAPPENING .i do think crying stops Anxiety stress .HELPS ME GREAT GREAT DEAL  .i will 

have a good cry like 3 TIMES A DAY  .it is like i have M.E . this is been at its worst PAST FEW MONTHS .HAVE HOSPITAL Appointment in

Febuary .THE  Pain alone instant and SHARPE  .having a good cry ..Snotty Runny Nose  the pain calms settles down .if i have a melt down

PAIN IS WORSOR .i, feel so much better having a good cry .a good snotty nose I FEEL GREAT DEAL BETTER .,AFTER AND LATER .

Crying for myself is MY WAY of Coping dealing with things like M.E ,how would any body else do .what would they  say/cope /do .crying 

all so HELPS  a lot with Migraines as i get them BADLY .so Crying is a BIG part of MY LIFE .my Allergies are HIGH  so i have HEAVY floods 

Snot any way.i think Crying is very very Sensory as well 


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